Господь Второго пришествия рождается безгрешным.

“Господь, прихода которого люди ожидают, должен стать истинным родоначальником человечества. Такова миссия Господа Второго пришествия. Фактически его цель состоит в том, чтобы оставить на Земле своё многочисленное потомство. Я – потомок Бога по прямой линии. Через меня Бог должен обрести Свое физическое потомство.” (125-109) «Воспитание Детей в Божьей воле», стр. 183.



Объяснение “Федерации Семей” в 2010 году: Господь Второго пришествия рождается безгрешным. Теперь они не только забыли свою теологию, но и перевернули ее с ног на голову.
Единородная дочь, о которой говорит Хак Джа Хан и “Федерация Семей” – очевидная ересь.
Пожалуйста, посмотрите сами :



Father’s Words May 17, 2009.
Note: Translation includes alternative translations (in brackets) to illustrate the nuances of what is being said by Father.


Each cell, one by one, when they are concentrated on the nucleus of the universe’s expression connection, they can affect (impact) the expressive, representative ancestors, they become, this body becomes a microcosm of the universe that can stand in relation to the whole centering on Heaven. Why? This is Cain and Abel. Upper/lower, front/back, left/right – you have to know this, right? Within Cain, not just Cain and Abel, but Adam’s family, if you want to talk about that, well, Satan came in, and that’s the problem.
If Satan did not exist (never existed), then there could never have even existed any such words as anything like ‘indemnity restoration’, or sorrowful tears, torment, or ‘this bitter world’.
Nobody understood this until now. But Father came out (emerged) with this, alone.
From the time I was young, I had no connection with the fallen blood. You have to know this!
(Imitating someone talking) “Teacher (Father) was born with fallen blood…” anyone who even gets a thought like this is crazy (mentally unbalanced) (a crazy evildoer). He (She) doesn’t know the Principle. Ugh. He (She) is saying words that makes it impossible for him (her) to even approach the bloodline of God’s heartistic substance (the bloodline of the substance/substantial manifestation of God’s heart)… (saying those are words leaves no path to approach/connect to the bloodline of God’s heartistic substance) …. this is what people like Marx, and those others, were saying up until the present day. Saying things like “I am the Messiah”, that sort of thing. Why is he (is she/ are they) saying this kind of thing? You have to know about this.



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